Frequently Asked Questions


Who Made Aviator Game?

The game Aviator was developed in January 2019 by a British company that creates iGaming products and casino games named SPRIBE.

Why is this Game So Popular?

Because Aviator Game offers a retro perspective and an original, but comfortable gameplay. This is a real game from the popular provider. Crash games are popular among players, due to its ease of use. That's why more and more players are interested in the Aviator Game.

Is there a free mode for Aviator?

Yes! There is a free mode for Aviator game that you can play without spending any money. However, there are some features in the game that are only available to players who have purchased the full version.

Will Aviator work on PC?

Yes, Aviator will work on PC. We've tested it and it runs great! You can check out the system requirements here. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

Aviator Game Demo

Virtual clubs offer this gambling format in a free version. In this case, you don’t have to register on the casino website, replenish the deposit. The free format was developed in order to study the rules, assess the prospects for winning. It’s completely identical to the corresponding Spribe game. You can launch the airliner an unlimited number of times, learning the intricacies of the game play. The demo format doesn’t imply any risks, play for fun. You can test it without restrictions and at some point switch to the real attachment format.

How to Play Demo?

The demo Aviator game algorithm is identical to the regular game, as is its appearance. The only difference is that you don’t need to risk your own funds, which allows you to play as much as you like and for any amount.
  1. Open the game Aviator. You can go to the boomaker’s website (for example, 10Cric) and select a game by clicking on it. The opportunity to play demo version is provided both to the company’s clients and ordinary guests who don’t have an account. It’s also possible to download the separate Aviator game simulator to your phone and play in spare time.
  2. Choose any amount to bet. It all depends on your preference. You can choose a small bet (for example, corresponding to money you used to bet), or a huge one.
  3. Click on the “Bet” button and wait for the round to start. Two bets are also available in the demo version, which allows you to apply some strategies in practice without losses.
  4. Cash Out. As soon as you see fit, click on the cashout button and withdraw funds to your “account”. In the demo version a fixed amount account is available to analyze the client’s potential earnings.
  5. You can auto-bet as in the regular version.

Auto Play

After checking out the betting panel, some of you have thought that the mechanics of the Aviator game might be too manual. Well, that’s indeed the case, especially when considering there is a new round every 10 seconds. Your hand can become sore only from clicking the cashout button dozens of times.
That’s why the autoplay feature is the perfect solution. With it, you can choose the number of rounds you want to play and even limit the maximum losses or winnings you can encounter. With this feature, you can relax and let the game do all the work for you, hopefully even bringing you massive winnings.

Two Bets

This Aviator game strategy will take advantage of the option for a second bet. Here, you need to place two bets on different multipliers. The bigger bet should be placed on a multiplier x1.5, while the other, which will be two times less, on an x3 multiplier. 
The logic is simple. The more significant bet will compensate for the smaller one pretty frequently, while you have a great chance to hit both simultaneously and make an excellent profit easily.

Aviator Signals

With the increasing popularity of the Aviator game, the so-called Spribe Aviator predictions have quickly taken over all the game lovers, putting them in a situation to wonder if someone can provide accurate signals that will lead to a sure profit. These signals are usually shared in Facebook groups or Telegram channels. But, unfortunately, here, we will disappoint you. 
As we already discussed in detail, the Aviator game runs under a provably fair technology, which is impossible to penetrate in any way. Moreover, even the system itself can’t provide you with any hint of what the multiplier in the next would be, so what makes you think that someone can predict the exact result of an Aviator round in the distant future? Lots of scams in Brazil claim to have Aviator prediction software, but you shouldn’t trust them.
You mustn’t fall victim to scams like these, chasing the easy winnings. The only way to become a great player on the Aviator and win is to take the time and try to properly implement some of the strategies we uncovered for you today.

In-game Features


In addition to regular crash game features like Auto Play, Auto Cash out, and others, the Aviator Game has an in-game chat feature. You can chat and connect with other gamblers while playing Aviator. Find the chat icon or the chat panel on whatever device you use to access the game. You can find players and have discussions with them. The in-game chat feature also displays interesting leaderboard stats like information on the biggest winnings in the casino.


Where to Play Aviator Game?

We recommend choosing a casino from our Aviator Sites list, they are all verified and are the best in our Country. 

What is the RTP in Aviator?

The RTP is 97%. This means that in the long run, the player has a chance to return up to 97% of the money spent in the casino. 

How long does Aviator Game last?

The time of flying away is unpredictable, typically between 3 and 20 seconds. 

How to Plat Aviator in Casinos?

IIn detail, Aviator is all about staking your money on how high the plane will reach before it finally takes off. To hit a bigger profit, you have to continue watching and let the plane fly higher. The risky part is when you wait too much and let the plane fly away. All players need to do to win a bet is hit the “cash-out” button on the screen before the plane finally flies away.
Decimal odds are often used to calculate the amount of expected profit or loss from your stake. Each Aviator round starts with an odd value of 1.00. As the plane starts to gain height, the odds increase and create a chance for you to make a better cash-out profit. For example, a bet of 20 INR turns into 40 INR on 2x and into 400 INR on 20x. 
The aim of the whole game is to hit the “cash-out” button and grab a successful bet before the plane flies off the screen. If the plane disappears from the screen before you hit the “cash-out” button, you lose the bet. The tricky part of Aviator is how unpredictable the plane is. You just have to grab your profits before the plane makes its final flight. Learn more about Aviator winning strategies and tricks. 

How to Predict Aviator Results?

Predicting Aviator is almost impossible since that is where the main fun lies. As a wise bettor, all you can do is grab a good profit as the plane path gains greater height before it disappears. A greedy mindset might keep you on a losing streak. It is better to take the available profit and wait for another opportunity. 

What is the best strategy for Aviator?

The best strategy for playing Aviator is what we call the “Two-bets” technique. In this technique, you just have to place two bets on the same round. While you place the first bet, prepare another stake and place the second bet where the winnings can partially or wholly cover the first bet. 


All in all, the Aviator game is an innovative crash game, gaining popularity in online casinos. Enjoy the best of crash games, fast-paced betting, and in-game discussions in this plane crash game. Players enjoy aviator gaming because it is easy to learn and rewarding. On the web, there are many claims that you can predict with over 90% accuracy the exact multipliers at a specific time. Still, as you should know already, this isn’t possible, considering the provably fair technology the game runs under. So, you can explore the fantastic strategies we shared with you today, claim a generous welcome bonus on one of our recommended casino sites, and mark the beginning of your gaming endeavor with the Aviator game today.